Dr Suné von Solms

SvSolms_Ensuring safe networks through virtualisation

Dr Suné von Solms
Von Solms is a senior researcher at the CSIR and an extraordinary senior lecturer at the North-West University. She obtained an MEng and PhD in computer engineering at the North-West University.

Her research includes the creation of primary school cyber safety curricula and professional tertiary qualifications for the advancement of South Africa’s cyber knowledge base through education. She is also involved in the development of a network virtualisation platform to assist South African university students in their research on cyber security and the facilitation of cooperation between cyber security researchers and experts across academia and industry.

About the talk: Von Solms will evaluate the advantages of network virtualisation platforms to assist cyber security researchers to model complex networks and advanced threats for the development of cyber security tools and techniques. She will also look at how such a platform can support the advancement of South Africa’s cyber knowledge base through original research and the provision of top quality graduates in the field of cyber security.

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