Rayeesa Ahmed

RAhmed_Research and development to protect soldiers from landmines and improvised explosive devices

Rayeesa Ahmed
Ahmed holds a BSc degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Cape Town. She has been involved in the defence research environment since 2002. Ahmed leads CSIR research and development on protection and survivability with a focus on the protection of vehicles and soldiers from landmines and improvised explosive devices (IED) threats.

About the talk: Landmines and IEDs remain a major threat for military vehicles, their occupants and other assets. Due to the improvised nature of the current threats, the shift from conventional to asymmetrical warfare and the use of unconventional weapons, traditional methods of protection need to be adapted or new technologies developed.

This talk will cover the research, development and innovation efforts for the development of protection solutions for our national defence force. The processes include reproduction of threats (such as landmine blasts or IED fragmentation), the characterisation of these threats, and research into the interactions between the mechanisms of threats and potential targets in order to develop repeatable scientific surrogates. Protective solutions can then be conceptualised and tested until a design concept has been finalised.

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