Priaash Ramadeen

PRamadien_Technology to combat poaching: From the lab to the Park

Priaash Ramadeen
Ramadeen works in the fields of modelling and simulation, software engineering and development, situation awareness, decision support, interoperability/integration, data visualisation and command and control. His primary focus at the CSIR is geographic-based awareness and visual analytics. This entails web, mobile, desktop and sensor technologies that are applied towards conceptualising and developing systems.

About the talk: Ramadeen’s current work focuses on the Cmore project – an integrative, collaborative distributed shared awareness system developed at the CSIR. The CSIR’s involvement in SANParks anti-poaching operations has created an opportunity to utilise this core research and development platform.

Cmore is at the heart of recent successes, which include the operational deployment in the Kruger National Park (KNP) to combat rhino poaching, and a host of defence-related border safeguarding experiments held over the past three years. The system is currently used as the core command and control system within the KNP.

Ramadeen’s talk will focus on experiences with the KNP anti-poaching personnel, the setting up of the Cmore operations centre, the integration of external systems and how the technology evolved out of the lab and into a real-world environment.

Co-author: Pieter Botha

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