Peta de Jager

PJager_SA’s healthcare estate: A lean, green machine?

Peta de Jager
De Jager is a registered professional architect, with a Master’s degree in applied ethics from the University of the Witwatersrand. She leads the CSIR’s architectural engineering research group, which specialises in social infrastructure – particularly healthcare and education buildings. This interdisciplinary team focuses on the development and application of science to support service delivery for building procurement, design, construction, operation, maintenance and strategic planning. The group has successfully completed a number of research and implementation support projects in the fields of tuberculosis infection control as well as predictive building modelling.

About the talk: In preparation for a planned extensive health system and service restructuring with the introduction of a National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme, the South African government recently increased budget allocations for public healthcare infrastructure and initiated several support projects to strengthen quality and accelerate delivery of capital projects. The CSIR collaborated with the Department of Health and others in the production of new national building guidelines, norms and standards and a number of cost models for new healthcare infrastructure. De Jager will present a paper about the recently completed phase of this project. At the current rate of replacement of building stock in the sector, a completely transformed building stock will be achieved only by 2055. The speaker reflects on the extent to which the current guidelines are likely to impact on the current spatial legacy and yield an optimal health platform for provision of sustainable services for the future.

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