Kobus Roux

KRoux_Broadband for all: Closing the infrastructure gap

Kobus Roux
Roux leads the broadband and information and communications technology (ICT) industry innovation partnerships at the CSIR. He has a Master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Pretoria. Roux and his CSIR colleagues contributed to the development of the SA Connect national broadband policy and he advises on broadband implementation strategies and technology.

About the talk: What started off as tinkering in a lab with ad-hoc peer-to-peer wireless networks when WiFi was still in its infancy, became an idea for addressing the need to have affordable broadband in sparsely populated, rural areas – Broadband for all. A range of technologies, a system pulling it all together, and an operational model were developed through experimentation. The final recipe was transferred to private sector partners for replication and scaling. Making the idea work turned out to be a lot more complex than just addressing the infrastructure issue. The CSIR is mapping the country’s broadband infrastructure to understand where the largest gaps are, is developing models for how those gaps in broadband infrastructure can be closed. Roux will discuss the initial findings and implications for the future of broadband in South Africa.

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