Kishan Tulsi

KTulsi_Creating safer coastal and port infrastructure with innovative physical and numerical modelling

Kishan Tulsi
Tulsi has been the CSIR coastal and hydraulics laboratory manager since 2007. Today, it is a worldclass facility that plays a major role in local and international port and coastal engineering. His current work focuses on coastal, ocean, port and river engineering. Tulsi and his team help design structures in these environments to withstand the assault of wind and waves. They have conducted physical model studies for ports in South Africa, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Australia and South America.

About the talk: Tulsi’s talk will centre on two broad aspects: Firstly, the use of innovative technologies such as laser scanning for the accurate monitoring of the movement of breakwater armour units such as rock and dolos units in scaled physical models of breakwaters; and secondly, the software used to monitor and measure the response of moored vessels inside harbours. The software makes use of simulation data to accurately compute the forces exerted on mooring lines and fenders based on the motion of the vessel.

The use and functioning of three numerical models will be discussed, namely models to compute natural ocean wave forces on a moored ship, wave forces on a moored ship when another ship passes by, and ship motions and mooring line forces of a moored vessel.

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