Jonnro Erasmus

JErasmus_Collaborative engineering for complex problems

Jonnro Erasmus
Erasmus has worked as an industrial and systems engineer in the electricity, transport and manufacturing industries. He has also had the responsibility of managing interdependent risks between major construction projects of both public and private enterprises. He specialises in the use of models to enable understanding, communication and problem-solving in these industries. His main interest lies in the study of complex systems and their real-world application. Erasmus holds a degree in industrial engineering from the University of Pretoria and a Master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Johannesburg. He is also a registered professional engineer with the Engineering Council of South Africa and a certified systems engineering professional.

About the talk: Various factors are contributing to the rapid increase in product complexity. Globalisation introduces new potential suppliers, competitors and customers, each with a unique set of capabilities and expectations. Customers expect evermore customised, personalised and environmentally friendly products. Even traditional products are becoming ’smart’ and connected. The entrepreneurial spirit in South African industry is beyond question, but the challenge lies in connecting the entrepreneurs with each other and with clients. The CSIR is taking a leading role in South Africa in this respect, by showing how new technologies and practices can be deployed and used to enable collaboration between the different players and stakeholders of industry.

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