Dr Pushpam Kumar

PKumar_Exploring missing links between nature and economy through sustainable development goals

Dr Pushpam Kumar
Kumar is Chief of the Ecosystem Services Economics Unit in the Division of Environment Programme Implementation at the United Nations Environment Programme. He leads the ProEcoserv project, which is the mainstreaming of ecosystem services into development policies supported by the Global Environment Facility. Dr Kumar coordinates the Inclusive Wealth Report and the Valuation of Options for the Economics of Land Degradation Partnership and co-chairs the Policy and Technical Expert Committee of the World Bank-led Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services. Dr Kumar is a research scientist at the Earth Institute, Columbia University and holds the position of extraordinary professor at the University of Pretoria.

About the talk: Dr Kumar will lead a discussion on the potential to measure the contribution of nature on world economies and on the inadequate recognition of the dependence of economies on nature in global and national policies. He will list the methods to capture the contributions from nature and to measure them for sustainable macroeconomic policies and planning. The improved global understanding of the issue will be discussed with reference to the United Nations’ soon-to-be-published Sustainable Development Goal indicators.

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