Dr Henrietta Langmi

HLangmi_Towards the development of hydrogen storage technologies for clean energy applications

Dr Henrietta Langmi
Langmi manages the Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Infrastructure Centre of Competence at the CSIR. She holds a PhD in metallurgy and materials from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. Her PhD research work focused on developing porous materials such as zeolites for hydrogen storage. Prior to joining the CSIR, she was involved in developing hydrogen storage materials ranging from complex hydrides to nitride-based systems at the University of New Brunswick in Canada. Her primary research interests are in the fields of materials science and clean energy technologies, with hydrogen storage research being at the core.

About the talk: The use of hydrogen to deliver energy for cars, portable devices and buildings is seen as one of the key steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. South Africa’s national hydrogen strategy, HySA, aims to develop and guide innovation along the value chain of hydrogen and fuel cells nationally. To capitalise on the potential of hydrogen as a clean, alternative energy source, solutions for the storage of hydrogen have to be found, as its low volumetric energy density makes it difficult to store and distribute. To address this, the Department of Science and Technology invested in cutting-edge facilities to conduct hydrogen storage research. Langmi will present an overview of the hydrogen storage projects at the CSIR and outline recent progress in the development of some key storage technologies.

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