Dr Christo Rautenbach

CRautenbach_Coastal vulnerability in South Africa

Dr Christo Rautenbach
Rautenbach is a senior researcher in the coastal systems research group of the CSIR. He obtained a BSc Hons and MSc (both with distinction) from Stellenbosch University and a PhD in process, energy and automation engineering in Norway in 2012, specialising in multiphase flow modelling and monitoring. Rautenbach specialises in coastal vulnerability and erosion, forecasting and oceanographic numerical modelling.

About the talk: Failure to understand the linkages between the biophysical Earth systems and the ecological, socioeconomic and external governance systems within which man operates in the coastal zone, can spell disaster for even the most robust development or business. The CSIR coastal systems group uses specialist skills in coastal engineering, geographic engineering systems and numerical modelling to assess and map vulnerable coastal ecosystems to develop specific adaptation measures and coastal protection options to mitigate the physical impacts of global climate change.

A few case studies will be showcased on the highly interrelated study area of coastal safety and vulnerability, climate change and setback lines for the South African coast. These studies will illustrate examples of state-of-the-art mathematical and engineering technologies applied to harnessing wave energy, oceanographic forecasting (early notification systems), coastal erosion and sedimentation and working with nature for ecosystem health in and around South African ports.

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