Dr Daan Velthausz

DVelthauz_Making smarter decisions in urban environments

Dr Daan Velthausz
Velthausz leads the smarter decision-making initiative at the CSIR. He has a PhD in computer science (University of Twente, The Netherlands) and an Executive MBA (TSM Business School, The Netherlands). He is advising the City of Johannesburg on smart city strategy and implementation in addition to chairing the Johannesburg smart city advisory board.

About the talk: Increasing urbanisation has introduced and exacerbated challenges related to the management of service delivery, resources and hazards. Making informed decisions for a city and its inhabitants is difficult because a city is an extremely complex environment made up of many domains, actors, resources, asset pools, factors and performance criteria.

In his talk, Velthausz will discuss the ability to make and implement sound planning and operational decisions based on better informed decision-making strategies, with the City of Johannesburg serving as an example.

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