Cobus Venter

CVenter_Finding the right technology solutions to secure our borders

Cobus Venter
Venter is a CSIR principal systems engineer focusing on the development of interoperable systems for the safety and security domain. He completed a BEng (electronic), BSc (computer science) and a Master’s degree in engineering management at the University of Pretoria. His research interests include defence capability management, and high-level, large-scale concept development and experimentation.

About the talk: The sovereignty of South Africa’s territory is of utmost importance and safeguarding the country’s maritime and air borders is vital. Various challenges exist in managing the country’s large and diverse border areas. An effective and efficient capability must be developed that not only entails ‘hard’ technologies, but also ‘soft’ technologies and strategies for integrating the various agencies involved.

The CSIR established an informal working group in close cooperation with the South African National Defence Force. Through this working group, specific problem areas were identified and a concept development and experimentation process developed. This process includes a specific mechanism to elicit requirements from the stakeholder environment and to include these requirements into the goal statements for a series of experiments. The experiment process includes brainstorming sessions to identify feasible options. Laboratory experiments determine the technically viable options and field experiments evaluate options within the context of operational conditions.

The result is a validated set of options to create border safeguarding solutions. In the talk, Venter will provide details and examples of how, through a set of experiments, elements of the required capability is defined and evaluated.

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