Beeuwen Gerryts

BGerryts_R&D-led industrial development

Beeuwen Gerryts
Gerryts studied mechanical engineering at the University of Pretoria and joined the CSIR in 1987 as a wind tunnel test engineer. He was involved in various South African development projects and completed a Master’s degree in engineering management in 2002, which unlocked his interest in technology management and innovation networks. He attended the SANDF’s Executive National Security Programme in 2003, acquiring valuable exposure to South Africa’s national security, economic and technological capability base.

In May 2011, he was seconded from the CSIR to the Department of Science & Technology where he was appointed permanently in April 2012 as Chief Director Technology Localisation, Beneficiation and Advanced Manufacturing. Currently, he is championing the development of a portfolio of R&D-led industry development programmes to stimulate and help unlock new markets and industry opportunities in aerospace, advanced manufacturing, chemical-related industries, mining, metals and minerals beneficiation, as well as sector innovation areas.

Gerryts serves as a board member of the Council for Geosciences, a council member for the Aeronautical Society of South Africa and is co-chair of the Joint Aerospace Steering Committee.

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