Ashley Bhugwandin

ABhugwandin_The use of science and technology to enable localisation

Ashley Bhugwandin
Bhugwandin is the manager of the Technology Localisation Implementation Unit, a Department of Science and Technology (DST) funded-initiative hosted by the CSIR. He completed his industrial engineering studies at the Durban University of Technology. He spent 13 years working within a variety of manufacturing industries, including some of the larger manufacturers such as Toyota South Africa, South African Breweries, Volkswagen SA and Behr SA.

About the talk: South Africa’s state-owned companies are planning to invest significantly in infrastructure over the next decade. This investment in infrastructure is linked to the Competitive Supplier Development Plan of the Department of Public Enterprises. This plan was developed to assist South African manufacturing companies to participate in the infrastructure-rebuild programme.

The DST launched the Technology Localisation Implementation Unit in 2012. Its aim is to assist the South African manufacturing sector to enhance its technological capability to improve the competitiveness of the manufacturing sector.

Through various instruments, the unit implements science and technology interventions throughout South Africa to support the manufacturing sector. A significant impact has been derived thus far, which Bhugwandin will outline.

The talk will also unpack the CSIR’s well-established and varied implementation environment and how it contributes to innovative and unique solutions for the need of industry. It will also highlight how various government-funded initiatives are able to provide holistic solutions for the national development plans of the country.

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