Alf Hartzenburg

AHartzenburg_The impact of energy efficiency interventions on industry – the Industrial Energy Efficiency Project in South Africa

Alf Hartzenburg
Hartzenburg heads up the South African Industrial Energy Efficiency Project (IEE Project), an international pilot project that is implemented by the National Cleaner Production Centre at the CSIR, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). In addition to a background in engineering (BSc in civil engineering, University of Cape Town), Hartzenburg had a 30-year career in industry, specialising in production in the clothing and textiles sector, before joining the IEE Project in 2011. He is now one of the country’s leading experts on industrial energy management systems and energy systems optimisation. He also serves on the energy steering committee of the Western Cape Provincial Government and as energy advisor to the parliamentary portfolio committee on energy.

About the talk: The IEE Project was set up in 2010 to help transform the energy-use patterns of South African industry by means of energy management systems and energy systems optimisation. Through IEE Project implementation, around 100 industry plants have saved 1 300GWh of energy thus far, equivalent to a financial saving of R1.1 billion and an emissions savings of 2 million tonnes of CO2. In his talk, Hartzenburg will speak on the methodologies, successes and lessons of the IEE Project and outline how industry can benefit from the second phase of the project launching in October 2015.

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