The titanium pilot plant

DSC_7341-preferredCost-effective local production of titanium metal and the conversion of titanium and titanium alloys into fabricated products, can potentially contribute to a vibrant new South African industry sector. The CSIR’s titanium pilot plant aims to upscale novel technology that the CSIR is developing to produce titanium metal with the view of establishing such a new titanium metal production and manufacturing industry in South Africa. The plant was designed to have a nominal production capacity of 2 kg titanium per hour.

The pilot plant is in essence a small-scale chemical manufacturing plant and a number of different process units will be shown during the visit. These will include a reactor section in which the titanium metal powder is produced; a purification section where the titanium is separated from the by-product salt; a titanium powder classification section; a drying and product packaging section; a salt crystallisation section and a molten salt electrolysis section. As with a full-scale chemical plant, it also includes infrastructure to handle feed materials and products and utilities such as a cooling tower, a boiler and scrubbing towers.

Host: Dr Dawie van Vuuren

Contact: Sathie Pillay,

Venue: Tour departs from the CSIR International Convention Centre to Building 46F

Duration: 60 minutes

Maximum number of participants for this tour: 20

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