Nanotechnology research, characterisation and scaling-up facility

DSC_5686Visitors will learn more about research and development projects undertaken at the DST/CSIR National Centre for Nano-Structured Materials and the central role of the world-class facilities and laboratories in this work.

Device applications: Scientists involved in the development of advanced materials for device applications focus on the development of nanomaterials that can ultimately be used in different sensors. The initial focus is on gas sensors for the detection of volatile gases in mines and for diagnostic purposes in healthcare.

Polymers nanocomposites: Researchers at the polymer nanocomposite laboratory develop advanced materials and currently focus on the beneficiation of South African nanoclays.

The characterisation facility provides a wide range of instrumentation for use by the nanotechnology community, and others to characterise their research samples. This includes electron microscopes, polymer-testing instruments, optical and x-ray instruments.

The scale-up facility is an industrial installation intended to be used not only by the CSIR, but also by groups in South Africa who need testing facilities to scale up their materials to a semi-industrial level.

Hosts: Prof Suprakas Sinha Ray, Mr Mike Masukume, Margaret Ward and Hulde Fischer
Contact: Lionel Jean Michel,
Venue: Tour departs from the CSIR International Convention Centre to building 19B
Duration: 90 minutes
Maximum number of participants for this tour: 15
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