Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Infrastructure facilities

2A4A1172Preferred picThis suite of laboratories is used by Hydrogen South Africa (HySA) Infrastructure Centre of Competence to conduct research aimed at developing novel materials to meet challenging hydrogen storage requirements.

The chemical energy from hydrogen can be converted to electrical energy using a device known as a fuel cell, with little or no polluting emissions. The type of fuel cells targeted contains a precious metals group catalyst such as platinum. Hydrogen is touted as a future clean and efficient fuel, but the challenge is developing infrastructure to produce, store and make it available for these applications, in addition to getting cheaper replacement catalysts. The centre’s research and development focus is on hydrogen production, storage and delivery.

The tour to this facility will begin with a view of the synthesis laboratory, where visitors will be shown the equipment used to synthesise materials for hydrogen storage applications, as well as some typical materials synthesised in the lab, for example metal-organic frameworks and carbon nanostructures.

Visitors will then proceed to the characterisation laboratory to see key instrumentation used to characterise the prepared materials. This will be followed by a view of the high-pressure laboratory with its state-of-the-art high-pressure equipment used to evaluate the hydrogen storage properties of the prepared materials. The tour will end with a view of how materials can be processed to enable the transition from laboratory to applications. Here visitors will see how powder materials are shaped to give them application-oriented configurations, for example into pellets.

Host: Dr Henrietta Langmi
Contact: Henrietta Langmi, hlangmi@csir.co.za
Venue: Tour departs from the CSIR International Convention Centre to building 15
Duration: 30 minutes
Maximum number of participants for this tour: 20
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