Concept Development and Experimentation Centre demonstration

The Concept Demonstration and Experimentation Centre (CDEC) is a new facility where information from any range of diverse systems can be integrated and simultaneously displayed in near real-time to visualise different experimental defence scenarios.

The centre provides a laboratory environment that can help with the testing of national safety and security capabilities and the development of solutions that will support government agencies tasked with national safety and security.

Visitors will see free-standing exhibitions inside the CDEC facility, as well as a demonstration of the CSIR’s advanced Cmore platform, partly funded by Armscor. Cmore is used in CDEC to monitor and map, for example, counter-poaching operations. This platform integrates and processes data from various sensors and communication devices, including smartphones, to provide intelligence support to operational decision-makers and could be demonstrated in the new centre.

Information from diverse systems such as radar, satellites and video feeds acquired from unmanned aerial vehicles, can be displayed on LCD screens in order to provide an invaluable integrated overview of a defence scenario. The centre, which creates levels of situation awareness not previously possible, can be used for anything from defence training or operations planning to creating border security response strategies and centrally monitoring counter-poaching efforts.

Host: Braam Greeff
Contact: Nicole de Kock,
Venue: Tour departs from the CSIR International Convention Centre building 44
Duration: 1.5 hours
Maximum number of participants for this tour: 50
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