Additive manufacturing facility

Additive manufacturing is the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, allowing engineers to produce highly complex shapes and geometric features while optimising material usage during manufacturing.

This technology is set to define the manufacturing future, also of South Africa. The CSIR houses an additive manufacturing research and development facility and is championing aspects of this technology in collaboration with industry partner, Aerosud.

The facility is hosted at the CSIR National Laser Centre and visitors can stop at the Aeroswift additive manufacturing platform to see metal 3D printing technology, which allows the manufacture of large (up to 2 m in length) titanium components for the aerospace industry. Another stop will be at the Optomec LENS platform. This laser-based powder-blown additive manufacturing technology is used for the production and repair of parts, also for the aerospace industry.

Visitors will also see the Rofin processing cell, laser-based repair technology for metal components. This technology is used to repair and refurbish large components. The CSIR has used this technology to successfully complete various large industry refurbishment projects for clients like Eskom MAN Diesel and Turbo and ArcelorMittal.

Host: Hardus Greyling, CSIR
Contact: Mzi Gcukumana,
Venue: Tour departs from the CSIR International Convention Centre to building 46 F
Duration: 30 minutes
Maximum number of participants for this tour: 40
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