Opportunities and challenges for big data in the African context

Kamal_thumbData is no longer regarded as static or stale, and its usefulness expires once the purpose, for which it was collected, is achieved. Rather, data is becoming a raw material of business, a vital economic input, used to create a new form of economic value.

IBM distinguished engineer and Vice President of IBM Research – Africa, Dr Kamal Bhattacharya, will discuss how, with the right mind-set, data can be smartly re-used to become a fountain of innovation and new services. He will present on how data can reveal secrets to those with the humility, the willingness and the tools to listen.

Kamal is no new comer in the field. Since joining IBM in 1999, Kamal has been working on innovations in the services industry, the largest segment of the IT industry. He has held various technical and management leadership positions with a focus on business transformation and IBM’s global outsourcing business. With his appointment as Director of IBM Research – Africa, he will now have worked for IBM in Europe, the USA, Asia and Africa.

In his presentation, he will go through a number of examples, elucidate the importance of big data to industry and its effect on socio-economic development within the African context.