Improving the competitiveness of SA manufacturing and the role of technology

Coenraad_thumbCoenraad Bezuidenhout
South African manufacturing has been battered by numerous domestic challenges, including policy challenges, economic turmoil and the energy crisis, and has also been tested by various global changes in the shifting demands for manufactured goods.

This begs the question whether South Africa’s manufacturers are truly ready to compete on a global level and, what role technology plays and should be playing to enhance the competitiveness of the local manufacturing industry.

One of the people most suitable to answer these questions is Coenraad Bezuidenhout, managing director at FTI Consulting, formerly from Manufacturing Circle and Economic Policy at Business Unity SA.

Bezuidenhout frequently advises on public affairs strategies to support companies interested to invest or already invested in South Africa or other African markets. He has 15 years’ worth of experience in public affairs focusing mostly on economic and trade affairs.

With his vast expertise in South African manufacturing, economic and trade affairs, Bezuidenhout will be able to provide a unique and insightful perspective on the current state and the future of South African manufacturing.