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Inspiring new thinking through energy storage research

Global growth and industrial and technological developments have necessitated the need to consider alternative ways of preserving energy. While, for example, vehicle developments have been cutting-edge during the last century, their contribution towards pollution and their effects on the environment were a far thought. Now, one hundred years later, an overpopulated and technologically-driven world suffers […]

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Improving the competitiveness of SA manufacturing and the role of technology

Coenraad Bezuidenhout South African manufacturing has been battered by numerous domestic challenges, including policy challenges, economic turmoil and the energy crisis, and has also been tested by various global changes in the shifting demands for manufactured goods. This begs the question whether South Africa‚Äôs manufacturers are truly ready to compete on a global level and, […]

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Exploring the important emerging role of Digital Technology Innovation Hubs

Professor Barry Dwolatzky A new model of innovation and entrepreneurship is driving the rapid growth of digital technology around the world, namely the establishment of Digital Technology Innovation Hubs. These hubs have been established in most major cities. From London to New York and from Nairobi to Cape Town, start-ups are increasingly being launched in […]

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Towards an antibody-based HIV vaccine

South Africa has more people living with HIV and AIDS than any other country in the world with more than 12% of the adult population estimated to be infected with the virus. Researchers are actively trying to develop a preventative HIV vaccine, an endeavour that has been bolstered by the discovery of broad and potent […]

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The first African-based earth system model

Climate change is the most serious collective environmental challenge ever faced by humankind. It is a problem with global reach, but the research effort to address it is disproportionately concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere and in developed countries. Prof Francois Engelbrecht, who leads climate studies, modelling and environmental health research at the CSIR, will showcase […]

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